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If you plan to attend in-person, please register below. If you just want to follow along online, follow BullyBash on Twitter @BullyBashCLE for live updates.

BullyBash is not just for bulldogs. All well-behaved dogs are welcome. Well-behaved humans are also welcome with or without their canine companions.

All dogs who attend must be fully vaccinated, in good health, well mannered and under their owner’s control. At BullyBash, each owner is solely responsible for their own dogs’ behavior and safety at all times. Be aware that not all dogs are similarly social, so please ensure that your dog respects others’ personal space if they choose not to play. During playtime, owners should be ready to intervene if play gets too rough, and to clean up after your your canine companion. Please remember that you and your dog are social guests of the hosts, and they are not responsible for the actions of others.